The Way I See It

What a great day for a jog in the park. Especially when you’re in a Halloween costume and jumping over obstacles with hundreds of other people. I’m glad I was shooting it and not participating because I just don’t have the stamina. Props to those who did. #meanstreets #Cincinnati (at Yeatman’s Cove Park)

Always good to be back at the Henry Clay.

Picked up my favorite bourbon today. The label changed this year so these beautiful bottles are nearly extinct. I think I may hold onto it for a while. Maybe I’ll open it on it’s 15th anniversary from barreling. #henrymckenna #heavenhill #bourbon

The media team. What a strange and wonderful group. :) #camprunamok Regrammed from @iammoustache
(at Camp Runamok)

This is like no other pool party I’ve ever been to. Told y’all this place was crazy. #camprunamok #poolparty #layback (at Camp Runamok)

Campers arrive! #camprunamok (at Camp Runamok)

Things get a little interesting after hours. #camprunamok (at Camp Runamok)

Ryan getting flashed. #camprunamok (at Camp Runamok)

The man. The legend. #camprunamok (at Camp Runamok)

Goofing off on the way back to the car.

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